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HD CCTV systems Kildare, We are the leading company in the Kildare, Dublin and Meath area for HD closed circuit television systems. We use only the very best products from world leading brands like AXIS, Honeywell, Dahua and Hikvision

This article aims to outline the main benefits of ColorVu to help you choose the right camera for your home or business.

In a nutshell, ColorVu enabled cameras are able to capture much more detail, with much more colour than conventional security cameras, due to two specific breakthroughs in hardware technologies. These are: advanced lenses and high-performance sensors. Along with an extra light for extremely low-light conditions, this technology guarantees video with colourful details.

The advanced sensor in Hikvision ColorVu cameras utilises something called ‘self-adaptive 3D digital noise reduction’. Essentially, this means that the camera is able to reduce video noise by itself, for a clearer image. The sensor is also able to vastly improve the utilisation of available light, again making for a clearer, more colourful picture.

CCTV Camera Performance AND Key Benefits

CCTV - CCTV Camera - Hikvision
Hikvision ColorVu technology provides todays users with the features they demand most
  • Improved image quality: Colorvu cameras use advanced image processing technology to produce high-resolution, color images even in low-light conditions.
  • Enhanced security: The ability to see color images can make it easier to identify suspects or vehicles, which can aid in criminal investigations.
  • Increased awareness: Color images can provide more information about a scene than black and white images, which can help users make more informed decisions about potential security threats.
  • Improved surveillance: Color images can provide more detail and context, which can help users better understand what is happening in a particular area.
  • cost-effective : Colorvu cameras are cost-effective as they are more economical than traditional night vision cameras.

Our current CCTV offer suitable for a domestic or small commercial building

CCTV - CCTV Camera - Hikvision

HD CCTV Systems Kildare- Why choose us

For HD CCTV systems we are one of the most experienced companies in the market.  We have installed and maintained systems throughout Ireland including many high profile sites as well as retail shops, warehouses, pubs, clubs and domestic properties.

You can be reassured that we have all the relevant experience to understand your requirements and provide you with the best solution to your complete satisfaction.

  • CCTV Systems professionally installed
  • Guaranteed workmanship and value for money
  • Over 20 years in the security industry
  • Options to suit any budget
  • Great customer service and aftercare
  • We are fully insured
  • We are licensed by the Private Security Authority